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Let’s drive together to accelerate your business

As your partner, we help rev up client satisfaction and retention.

Ready to break out of the billing cycle?

Ready to break out of the billing cycle? Most insurance communications involve sending statements and little else, but with Hagerty you’ll fuel your client’s passion by informing, entertaining and connecting them to other car enthusiasts.

“A dedicated and efficient claims team, customer service and broker support.”

- Agent/Broker Testimonial

Offer your clients the best coverage and service, including:

Guaranteed Value™

If there’s a covered total loss your client gets the full value of their vehicle, no appraisals, no run-arounds.*

The freedom to drive

We encourage owners to enjoy their vehicles with weekend drives, trips to the movies, attending car events and cruises.

Flexibility with vehicle repair

Your client can choose a repair shop or fix it themselves.

“A company built for the love of classics. Owned and run by great people with vast knowledge of classics and a strong desire to keep vehicle history alive”

- Agent/Broker Testimonial

No pain, your gain – we’re partners from quoting to claims to renewal

Growing and retaining business is achievable with our automated renewal journeys, follow-up calls, marketing emails sent on your behalf and more:

Quote and issue a policy in as little as 1 day

Sign up and get approved in 1 business day. You can begin quoting while waiting to get approved.

Drive renewals with our 3-touchpoint process

Three reminder emails are sent to clients before their renewal date—without you having to lift a finger.

Our policy retention rate is over 90%**

A US-study has shown a 2% increase in client retention has the same effect as decreasing your costs by 10%. source

“They are a wonderful company that has been around for years. Hagerty has a great reputation and is amazing at paying out their claims.”

- Agent/Broker Testimonial

Drive a deeper connection with enthusiasts

Protection through Hagerty is designed for auto enthusiasts—there are 18 million collector car owners in the North America—includes Guaranteed Value coverage and offers Cherished Salvage® coverage.***

  • Hagerty Drivers Club® is the world’s largest automotive enthusiast community and makes the experience of owning, driving and loving cars better.
  • We produce entertainment made for car people by car people including our online media site and YouTube channel with over 1.3 million subscribers.
  • Car culture for all enthusiasts comes alive with our valuation tools and MotorsportReg.
  • We’re working to save driving for future generations through youth programs, Support for car clubs and more.
  • On average, clients receive at least one Hagerty communication per week with many requesting additional newsletters, product discounts, live and virtual events.
  • Hagerty Value Analysis™, included with each policy in Canada, provides your clients with a unique digital experience. They can access valuation data for any vehicle in our database, with quick access to relevant conversations in our community and curated valuation news.

As your partner we’ll provide you with the tools, information and support to help you grow your business in the collector car market.

*Less any deductible or salvage value if retained; BC, MB & SK: and after settlement with your government policy. Includes any applicable taxes unless prohibited by law. AB & QC: Agreed value applies under the Guaranteed Value Plus Endorsement.**Figure based on internal data from August 2020-July 2021.***Cherished Salvage is not available in MB. Submit claim under any government policy first and then our policy immediately after. Premium subject to change; may include DCPD/BVDC, if applicable.Membership by Hagerty Drivers Club (HDC), a non-insurance subsidiary of The Hagerty Group, LLC. Roadside services provided by Assistenza International. Only the HDC Program Guide contains a complete description of benefits. Purchase of insurance not required for membership in HDC.Policies are underwritten by Elite Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Aviva Canada Inc.Some coverage not available in all provinces. This is a general description of coverage. All coverage subject to policy provisions, exclusions, and endorsements.Hagerty Value Analysis & Cherished Salvage are registered or common law trademarks of the Hagerty Group LLC, ©2024 The Hagerty Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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