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Writing classic car, truck, and boat policies with Hagerty is easy, and your customer will love you for it. Find out what we insure, the benefits for you and your customer, how our classic insurance policies will help increase your book of business and open up new doors of opportunity for lead generation.

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The Best Clients Own Classics!

Take care of your customers’ babies, and they’ll trust you with other things, like their homes and daily use vehicles. And they’ll tell their collector friends.

What We Insure:

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What We Don't Insure:

  • Vehicles driven on a daily basis
  • Dune buggies
  • Commercial-use vehicles
  • Camping, off-road, or in-use utility-type vehicles
  • Motorcycles or scooters
  • Vehicles modified with features such as a roll cage, wheelie casters, parachutes, nitrous components, modifications that permanently remove the roof and/or doors or vehicles modified with a 6 inch or more lift or 35” tires or larger
  • Vehicles with 700 hp or greater
  • Late model vehicle that have been highly customized for looks or performance (commonly referred to as “Tuner”)
  • Vehicles that are highly customized for appearance and suspension (commonly referred to as “Lowrider”)
  • Replicas of the 1963-67 Shelby Cobra Roadster
  • Vehicles that are used for racing, timed events, autocross or drivers education
  • Right-hand drive vehicles newer than 25 years, specifically those imported from Japan
  • Motor homes or recreational vehicles

Benefits for Your Customers:

  • Agreed Value Coverage

    We'll agree on a value for your customer's vehicle up front. In the event of a covered total loss, we'll pay that amount minus any deductible or salvage value, if retained**.

  • Expert Claims Handling

    Experienced claims adjusters have hands-on experience with classic vehicle repair. In the event of a claim, your customer chooses the repair shop, and we even have parts specialists on staff to help hunt down rare and hard-to-find parts.

  • Flexible Usage

    Classic and collector cars were made to be driven, which is why we allow for occasional pleasure and hobby-related usage.

  • Low Premiums

    Since we only protect classics, we can provide better coverage at a significantly lower price. Rates are up to 52% lower than standard insurance.*

  • No Appraisals

    Because of our valuation expertise, we’re able to work with your customers to determine the value of the vehicle. No appraisals needed.

  • Key Extras for Collectors

    Emergency roadside service created specifically for classics, Hagerty Classic Car magazine and more.

  • Hagerty Valuation Tools®

    Hagerty’s classic car and boat valuation tools provide values across four condition ranges, value changes over time, model history and more.

  • Collector Hobby Support

    We work tirelessly so your customers will be able to enjoy their classics far into the future. We support the hobby through the Historic Vehicle Association and Youth Programs.

Benefits For You

  • Easy online quote and policy management – View and print pink cards, make policy changes and much more.
  • Email notifications when policy transactions happen.
  • Marketing tools and assistance to help you increase business.
  • Direct customer billing and renewals, and direct deposit of your commissions.
  • Online Valuation Tools – What’s your customer’s car or boat worth? Find out in a snap.
  • No minimum production quotas or contracts – No pressure.
  • Web conferences to help you understand how to work with Hagerty.

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*Figure based upon 2017 consumer data collected by Hagerty on single car quotes, with premiums $5000 and under, from several daily driver (or "everyday") auto insurance carriers.

**Agreed Value to include applicable taxes in the province in which the policy coverage applies. The Agreed Value is the total amount of the car’s insured value on your Certificate of Insurance irrespective of changes to tax rates, currency fluctuations or other fees and expenses.

All coverage not available in all provinces. This is only a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to policy provisions, exclusions and endorsements.