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Hagerty Drivers Club®

When your customers’ classics break down,

Hagerty Drivers Club® is a comprehensive full-service roadside service program designed specifically for classic cars.

Program features include:

  • Guaranteed flatbed towing with soft straps
  • Dispatch operators who understand and care about classic cars
  • 24/7 coverage in Canada and the U.S.
  • Dispatch for lockouts, battery jumps, tire changes & emergency fuel delivery
  • Annual subscription to Hagerty magazine
  • Members can call or email “Ask Hagerty” with collector car-related questions
  • Membership helps support the Historic Vehicle Association

Three levels of Hagerty Drivers Club®:

Guaranteed flatbed with soft nylon straps (pickup to destination)
Roadside services including battery jump, tire change, lockout service, fuel delivery, and winch out service
Number of emergency events per year
Trailer-towing covered
Family and friends notification
Standard Classic(s) only $55 per year
30 kilometres
$125 covered per event
Premium Classic(s) only $80 per year
80 kilometres
$125 covered per event
High-Octave All household vehicles $200per year
200 kilometres
$125 covered per event
Only the Hagerty Drivers Club program guide contains a complete description of benefits. Available upon request.

Membership in Hagerty Drivers Club is provided by Hagerty Drivers Club Canada, LLC, a non-insurance affiliate of Hagerty Canada, LLC.