How to: Add Cherished Salvage® to Online Quotes and Existing Policies

Wrecked Camaro

You asked, we listened! If you prefer managing every detail of your client’s policy yourself, we’ve made it easy to add Cherished Salvage to new quotes and existing policies entirely online. What’s Cherished Salvage? And what steps let you add this endorsement to your client’s policy? Here’s everything you need to know.

When it’s irreplaceable, there’s Cherished Salvage

You know all about Cherished Salvage by now – it’s a favorite policy add-on among collector car enthusiasts. After a covered total loss, clients with a Cherished Salvage policy endorsement through Hagerty can retain their special vehicle and still receive its full Guaranteed Value(TM)*.

Cherished Salvage is a no-brainer coverage for any enthusiast vehicle — but especially for those that feel as much like a family heirloom as a collector car:

  • Early-era Corvettes still driven, loved, and passed down from generation to generation.
  • Retired farm trucks like Ford F150s the kids and grandkids love to show off at summer parades.
  • 60s-era Mustangs always featured in the annual family portrait.
  • Any rare or unique collector vehicle with meaningful value to your client.

You can learn even more about Cherished Salvage, or head straight to the Hagerty Broker Business Center to add this coverage to your new client quotes and existing policies.

Adding Cherished Salvage to new policy quotes

Once you’ve logged in to the Hagerty Broker Business Center, it takes just a few simple steps to add Cherished Salvage to a new policy quote:

  1. Start your new quote and input the vehicle’s year, make, model, and estimated worth. Pro tip: leverage Hagerty Valuation Tools® if you need help or a good starting point.
  2. Continue populating your client quote with vehicle ownership and usage information.
  3. When you reach the Deductibles and Benefits screen, make sure to select the radio button for Yes, add the coverage beneath the Cherished Salvage subhead. Note: you can also add other endorsements at this screen, including Vehicle Under Construction coverage.
  4. Click Next to finalize your client’s vehicle and policy request information.
  5. You should now see Cherished Salvage appear as “Elected” on the quote review screen. Click Continue to move ahead to the application portion of the request.

See? Easy. Watch this video to follow these steps in real time.

Adding Cherished Salvage to existing client policies

What about those polices already on your book?

Please reach out to our team via or give us a call at 888-349-7834 to discuss adding this endorsement.

Hagerty is here to lend a hand

At Hagerty, we know collector vehicles. These cars and trucks are loaded with love, memories, and unique stories that simply can’t be replaced. If the unthinkable happens, Cherished Salvage allows your clients to retain their pride and joy, rebuild, and make even more unique moments in the years ahead.

Policy endorsements like these not only add value to your customer’s policy, but also demonstrate your expertise as a broker and your understanding of their passion.

Coverage questions? Live chat with us at We’re always riding shotgun and ready to talk Cherished Salvage and other collector car policy endorsements. You can count on dedicated support 7 days a week. You can also reach us by phone (if you want!) at 888-349-7834.

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