Additional coverages
Vehicle Under Construction

Give your clients better protection when they’re restoring or building a car, for an additional $25 per vehicle annually.*

A group of men and women collectively work on restoring a collector vehicle.

Vehicle Under Construction coverage includes:

Automatic quarterly value increases

Your customer's car's Guaranteed ValueTM will automatically increase 10% per quarter up to a maximum increase of $25,000.**

Additional tool coverage

$250 worth of coverage for your customer's automotive tools.

Insuring a project car

Because the process of restoring a collector vehicle is a significant part of the hobby, we are happy to offer coverage for vehicles that are being “actively” restored. An applicant must demonstrate that the vehicle is being actively restored. Good photographs and restoration details will help verify an active restoration.

A red collector car with just a frame and fender, being restored in a garage
1965 Ford Mustang
A green collector car without headlights, doors, or hood, being restored in a garage
1967 Sunbeam Tiger Mark II
A red collector car without a hood or doors, being restored in a garage
1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Get coverage that works for your customer
Restoring a vehicle? Let’s talk about Vehicle Under Construction coverage.

* Rates subject to change.

** Value will return to original Guaranteed Value (AB: Guaranteed Value applies under the Guaranteed Value Plus Endorsement) at renewal, unless your client requests a value increase, and Hagerty agrees.

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