1993: I want to believe

As we navigate the winding roads of mind-blowing nostalgia in our year-long celebration of the 1990s as a “classic decade,” we’ve made our way to 1993.

With 2024 marking the momentous occasion where the 1990s officially achieve classic status (comfortably 25 years in the rearview mirror), let’s take a look back at the milestones that made 1993 a cornerstone in the automotive and cultural timeline.

  • Automotive companies are booming with General Motors at #1 on the Fortune 500 list of corporations. Ford Motor Company comes in second on the list.
  • It’s a banner year at the movies with the release of some of our favorite 90s films: Jurassic Park, Mrs. Doubtfire, Groundhog Day, and Sleepless in Seattle to name just a few.
  • And for TV too, with the premiere of The X-Files. Raise your hand if you want to believe.
  • Whitney Houston’s hit “I Will Always Love You” enters its record-breaking 14th week at #1 on the charts. And did just mentioning it get it stuck in your head? Yeah, us too.
  • Italian automobile designer Ferruccio Lamborghini dies after suffering a heart attack.
  • Patrick Roy led the Montreal Canadiens to win the 1993 Stanley Cup, the most recent championship won by a Canadian team.
  • Prince becomes the artist formerly known as Prince when he changes his name to a symbol (but, spoiler alert!, stick around for another name change in our 1996 edition).
  • After endless tabloid smears and stories, Princess Diana announces her withdraw from public life.
  • Eric Clapton wins “Record of the Year” at the 35th Grammys.
  • The Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl, where the cost of a 30-second ad was $850,000 (FYI: The cost of a 30-second ad during the 2024 Super Bowl cost $7 million dollars).
  • MotorTrend magazine names the Ford Probe GT as the car of the year.

The ‘90s, and the special vehicles from that era, deserve to be honored and protected as part of our cultural heritage. With each passing year, the '90s fade further into the distance, but the allure of those modern classics remains evergreen.

Make sure that the clients holding on to these cars – especially those reserved for weekend joyrides rather than daily commutes – are getting the coverage they deserve. Tailored for enthusiasts and the totally rad cars they love, a collector car policy through Hagerty is designed to recognize, appreciate, and properly protect these special vehicles.

Stay tuned for next month as we continue our exploration of the 1990s as a classic decade.

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