Market profile: classic trucks, SUVs, and 4x4s

Collector SUV parked on grass.

Collector trucks: making sense of the adventure vehicle market

A $1.87 million Ford Bronco? Yup, it happened.

This auction sale may be an outlier, but it’s the clearest indicator yet that trucks and SUVs deserve a seat at the table next to the Mustangs, Corvettes, and other classics traditionally dominating the collector vehicle market.

Among insureds with Hagerty, we see it too. Our off-road 4x4 segment grew nearly 20 percent from 2021 to 2022, outpaced only by policies for vehicles classified as supercars or exotics.1

Leading the pack? Reliable adventure vehicles like the FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser, Chevrolet C-10, and classic Broncos of any year (but especially the original). Plus those original boxy Blazers and International Harvester Scouts whose design and utility defined a generation and spawned the dominant genre of daily drivers we know today.

Another great example: the humble Cherokee. Jeep’s 2001 model ranks among those vehicles appreciating longer than any other — having risen in value consistently since 2014. So too: the Suzuki Samurai from model years 1986 - 1995, a reliable riser since May of 2016.

The Hagerty valuation team identified a few makes and models whose value as trucks are even outpacing their SUV cousins. The 1969-72 Chevrolet C/K Blazer (K5), 1974-80 Dodge Ramcharger come to mind, with Jeep’s J-series seeing eyebrow-raising value increases over the last several years.

And we’d be remiss not to include the icon of overlanders everywhere, the Land Rover Defender. Just last year our UK team spotlighted the Defender at number one on the list of top ten models importing to the US. (Driven in no small part by pandemic-fueled overlanding, the model’s at-the-time discontinuation, and its timely inclusion in the James Bond Spectre film of 2018.)

Minus the Bond tie-in, Japanese cult-classic trucks like the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and the #vanlife Mitsubishi Delica are also having their moment.

Still too nice for the pasture, but too old to be a daily driver. This segment of 4x4 vehicles exists in the juicy sweet spot for a third or “fun” car that compliments those on a standard auto policy. And that makes classic trucks and SUVs ideal for collector policies through Hagerty.

Classic trucks & SUVs: a look behind the wheel

Who are your most likely prospects for classic truck and SUV coverage?  

It probably won’t surprise you that Gen-X and Millennials are leading the classic SUV boom. Millennials specifically are most likely to own a 4x4 vehicle older than 2005.

Both generations are entering the collector car hobby with cash-in-hand and an eagerness to join the community – but their pocketbooks may not be deep enough to land the exotic poster cars from their childhood bedroom walls.

And that’s ok, because these buyers are passing on performance supercars and high-priced 70s-era muscle cars to embrace those sport utility vehicles of the ‘80s, ‘90s, and early 2000s.

Hagerty data shows roughly 43 million collector vehicles in the United States, including more than 3.4 million trucks and SUVs that may qualify for specialty coverage.1 And since this segment will only grow in the years to come, collector trucks and SUVs represent a huge opportunity for agents committed to building a book of collector business.

We’re guessing a chunk of your clients have older SUVs and pickups on their standard auto policies that aren’t driven much, in great condition, and are holding their value. Now’s the time to let them know these vehicles are the perfect fit for protection through Hagerty.

They’ll love the enhanced coverage. And since collector policies through Hagerty are typically 26% lower than standard auto insurance, they’ll appreciate saving some cash, too.

Covering classic trucks and SUVs

Like all collector cars, trucks and SUVs deserve coverage designed specifically for the way they’re used today. Through Hagerty, that means no hardcore overlanding, but occasional "light terrain" off-road usage can be acceptable (utilizing well-defined seasonal roads) along with occasional camping trips that involve the car hobby can be acceptable.

Qualifying trucks and sport utes must be at least 25 years old with a minimum value of $3,500. Get to know our full coverage guidelines here. And remember, when you quote a collector truck or SUV through Hagerty, you’ll offer your clients unique coverage benefits including:

  • Freedom to drive

    Hagerty encourages owners to enjoy their vehicles with weekend drives, trips to the movies, attending car events and cruises. Light terrain (seasonal road) usage, hauling and towing can even be considered on a limited basis. (Off-road usage is ineligible)*

  • Guaranteed Value™ coverage

    Guaranteed Value™ means your client’s rig is insured for what it’s worth. We’ll agree on the value of the classic truck or SUV and we’ll pay that amount, guaranteed, in the event of a covered total loss.**

  • Expert claims handling

    In the event of a claim, we offer stock original replacement parts to make sure your client’s classic is restored to its former glory.

When you have a prospect in mind, grab their attention with a vehicle valuation using Hagerty Valuation Tools®. It’s a great icebreaker you can even use even within your current book of business. Remind them there’s plenty of SUV coverage in Hagerty media, and they’ll get it all as part of a Hagerty Drivers Club® membership.

Share your collector truck and SUV coverage questions

No longer a niche within a niche, collector trucks and SUVs have hit the mainstream. That means there’s more opportunity than ever to build your book of collector vehicle insurance business. Given the nation’s obsession with trucks and SUVs, there’s no reason this trend slows anytime soon.

Through Hagerty, it’s never been easier to protect collector 4x4s with custom coverage designed — and priced — for these treasured classics. Quote today or learn more by visiting or take a spin through our products and download our helpful marketing materials.

You can also call us at 888-348-9369 to talk values and coverage. We’re here with dedicated support 7 days a week.

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