Seasonal Coverage is a Risk-filled Ride

Classic car driving on a nice winter's day

When it comes to collector vehicles, seasonal coverage is a risk-filled ride.

Looking for a win for your clients and for you? Year-round collector car insurance through Hagerty cuts out the hassle and risks of seasonal coverage, all while offering protection that’s built just for your clients’ favorite cars. Plus, you’ll quickly see benefits, too.

Consider the top reasons year-round protection is a better option for both you and your car-loving clients:

Avoid the hassle

With seasonal coverage, clients have to call you every fall to end full coverage and every spring to reinstate it. Forget all the fires, failed breaks, rodents and more that could happen in storage, and let’s just say they forget that one springtime phone call. An accident out on the road could leave them with a repair bill for thousands of dollars — or more.

But it’s not only a risk and a hassle for clients. First, you’ll need to talk through the kinds of claims that won’t be covered by comprehensive-only coverage. And, as their insurance broker, you’re required to document that your client has requested seasonal coverage. Without this documentation, there is an Errors & Omissions exposure. Plus, seasonal coverage can impact commissions.

More driving, less calling

Seasonal coverage means every time your client wants to hit the road on that sunny, unseasonably warm early spring day, attend one of the many car shows that happen all year long, or join in on a late-fall rally, they’ll first have to contact you and you’ll have to file a new endorsement for full coverage.

Risks of seasonal coverage

No Liability or Collision coverage: That means any accident involving a moving vehicle won’t be covered. Sure, that includes other cars, but did you know it can also include mishaps like a bike or snow blower scraping a collector vehicle while it’s stored in a garage, or a vehicle slipping off a jack during repairs.

Vehicles aren’t covered anywhere else: That’s right, other insurance policies like renters or homeowners insurance won’t cover collector vehicles in storage, even if they’re on personal property.

Last year, Hagerty resolved thousands of claims made on static vehicles.

Here's a story from Hagerty member, Eric:

Eric absolutely loves his Lamborghini Aventador, and he was sure he wanted it to be on seasonal coverage rather than a year-round collector car policy. Unfortunately, when that sunny afternoon in March hit, Eric didn’t know he needed to add back on full coverage before he headed out for a drive. You guessed it: total loss.

The loss was terrible for Eric — and for his broker. Because there was no documentation that Eric had asked to remove collision coverage and put on comprehensive-only, there was a sizeable Errors & Omissions exposure that in the end was the responsibility of the brokerage.

Car Love in Every Season

Have clients who love their cars? Protect them all year long with Hagerty. For more information on covering collector vehicles with year-round insurance, check out:

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