Achieve Peak Performance as Driving Season Hits Full Speed

Three cars driving in autumn

Driving season is ramping up. It’s the time of year when collector car owners are buying, driving, and looking to protect their favorite fun-to-drive cars. As insurance brokers, this is a time when you can win new customers and retain your most important clients by providing best-in-class coverage for their prized possessions.

To help you make the most of your time and increase your success with Hagerty, we’ve put together quoting best practices so you can reach peak performance.

New to quoting with Hagerty? We have a team of experienced collector car enthusiasts ready to help you and your client with any questions you may have. Even during the busy driving season, our team is ready to help, and calls are answered in only a couple minutes. (888-349-7834)

Hagerty Quoting Best Practices

For your best experience and to ensure correct attribution, be sure to quote at rather than

  • Insight: There is no difference in rating between the two quoting platforms.

When inputting the client’s vehicle(s) in the quote, select an option from the dropdown list rather than free typing the make/model/trim. This ensures valuation and quoting accuracy

  • Insight: If name of car is missing call us.

Most quotes are issued online with no manual underwriting review. For those that do require further review, don’t promise a rate to the customer. Submit the quote so that we can underwrite - typically a 1-2 day turnaround.

  • Insight: Once the quote is submitted, call us (888-349-7834) to rush this process.

Don’t have customer payment information yet? No problem. You can submit the application to be fully underwritten without payment.

  • Insight: Select Annual Auto Pay in the application to boost PIF retention by 4%* while reducing your renewal workload. Win-win.

When selecting a storage location, a condo parking garage is not considered a "private garage."

  • Insight: Hagerty will consider condo parking for some risks.

Use the Hagerty Valuation Tool® for accurate vehicle values. Undervalued vehicles creates risk exposure.

  • Insight: Take the guesswork out of it. Hagerty tracks valuation trends across four different condition grades for more than 40,000 different vehicles.

Hagerty encourages enthusiasts to get behind the wheel of their favorite cars, and they’re covered in all types of pleasure usage - like occasional commutes to work, trips to the beach, and family ice cream outings. Ensure you have a good understanding of your client’s actual usage - confirm yearly kms on the front end and don’t use a placeholder. Select the type of usage and/or kms they realistically expect to drive each year.

  • Insight: These selections may impact rating and cannot be changed once entered.

Not all risks have black-and-white solutions. Call for unique situations, including:

Use our Fact Finder form so you don’t have to call the customer back for additional information.

Ask about additional collector cars; often there are more than one.

  • Insight: The customer may qualify for a better rate with a multi-car discount.

Contact the Hagerty team after submitting the online quote to review possible discounts.

  • Insight: Customers may qualify for discounts on their insurance.

Ensure you retain Hagerty Drivers Club membership on the quote and know how to address any customer questions on the program.

  • Insight: Insurance customers with a Drivers Club membership have higher customer satisfaction scores (86 NPS) versus those with insurance alone (82 NPS).**


Before you hit the road – make sure you have the latest marketing materials by visiting our Broker Resources Portal where you can get in touch with the Hagerty rep in your area.

Enjoy the ride this driving season!

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*Based on internal Hagerty retention data as of 6/1/2024

**Hagerty member NPS scores as of 12/31/2023