1994: The one where Friends premiered

As we navigate the winding roads of mind-blowing nostalgia in our year-long celebration of the 1990s as a “classic decade,” we’ve made our way to 1994.

With 2024 marking the momentous occasion where the 1990s officially achieve classic status (comfortably 25 years in the rearview mirror), let’s take a look back at the milestones that made 1994 a cornerstone in the automotive and cultural timeline.

  • The ice skating scandal of the century happens when Nancy Kerrigan is attacked by fellow-skater Tonya Harding’s bodyguard. Harding goes on to win the U.S. Figure Skating Finals the next day. Cue cringe-face emoji.
  • The Ford Bronco becomes the most talked-about make and model for a few short hours when O.J. Simpson leads police in a slow-speed car chase in LA.
  • OMG!!! Harry Styles was born in 1994.
  • Pulp Fiction premiers at Cannes Film Festival and takes home the coveted Palm d’Or Award.
  • Jeff Bezos officially launches Amazon as an “online marketplace for books” out of his Bellevue, Washington garage.
  • Famed Formula 1 driver and racing world champion Ayrton Senna dies after hitting a concrete wall at Tamburello Corner on the Imola Track during the San Marino Grand Prix in Italy. He was reportedly going over 191 mph just before the crash.
  • Nelson Mandela becomes the first president of South Africa.
  • Beloved by fans and critics alike, the wildly popular sitcom “Friends” premiers on NBC. The show ran for 10 years. But today? Ross swears it's ON A BREAK.
  • Venus Williams, at the age of 14 years old, makes her professional debut at the Bank of the West Classic in Oakland California.
  • No one was taken out to the ball game, no one was taken out with the crowd when the World Series was canceled due to the Major League Baseball strike.
  • MotorTrend car of the year is the Ford Mustang, the first production year of the fourth-generation pony car.
  • In 1994, no one could've predicted the huge success Forrest Gump would ultimately become. I guess life really is like a box of chocolates.

The ‘90s, and the special vehicles from that era, deserve to be honored and protected as part of our cultural heritage. With each passing year, the '90s fade further into the distance, but the allure of those modern classics remains evergreen.

Make sure that the clients holding on to these cars – especially those reserved for weekend joyrides rather than daily commutes – are getting the coverage they deserve. Tailored for enthusiasts and the totally rad cars they love, a collector car policy through Hagerty is designed to recognize, appreciate, and properly protect these special vehicles.

Stay tuned for next month as we continue our exploration of the 1990s as a classic decade.

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