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Eligibility guidelines

Qualification for our collector vehicle insurance program depends on vehicle and owner guidelines.

Usage and Kilometres

Our program policy allows the collector vehicle to be used for club functions, exhibitions, organized meets, tours and leisure use, including occasional pleasure driving — it just can't be a daily driver. Usage of 8,000 kilometres or less is generally consistent with operating vehicles that have collectible value.

Usage and kilometres requirements may differ based on the vehicle that is being insured, such as collector trucks or vehicles that are 1980 and newer. Please review specific vehicle guidelines for this information.


Though we prefer that collector vehicles are stored in an enclosed, secure structure when not in use — such as a private garage, pole barn, car condo or storage unit — we will consider other storage types, including*:

  • Carports
  • Driveways
  • Parking garages
  • Car hauling trailers

Driver Eligibility

  • Applicants and household drivers must have 10 or more years of driving experience.
  • All household driving records and prior claims are subject to underwriter review.
  • We consider all violations, suspensions, at-fault accidents and comprehensive claims.
  • Generally one or two minor violations or accidents are acceptable. We can't offer coverage to drivers with a serious infraction within the last three years. Serious infractions include:
    • Alcohol-related offences
    • Reckless driving
    • Excessive speed violations

Province exceptions do apply.

Vehicles That May Not Qualify

Because we provide low-cost, agreed value coverage, we are not able to provide coverage for certain vehicles due to how they are used and the increased risk associated. Examples of vehicles not eligible include:

  • Daily-use vehicles
  • Vehicles used for camping, off-roading or utility purposes
  • Late model vehicles that have been highly customized for looks or performance (commonly referred to as “Tuner”)
  • Vehicles that are highly customized for appearance and suspension (commonly referred to as “Lowrider”)
  • Commercial-use vehicles
  • Motorcycles or scooters
  • High production late model vehicles and pick-ups with no special characteristics
  • High performance vehicles with a top speed of 300 kph and the operator(s) does not have experience driving a similar vehicle for at least three years or has less than 25 years driving experience in Canada or the United States
  • Replicas of the 1963-67 Shelby Cobra Roadster (exception: British Columbia)
  • Vehicles that are used for racing, timed events, autocross or drivers education
  • Vehicles modified with features such as a roll cage, wheelie casters, parachutes, nitrous components or modifications that permanently remove the roof and/or doors
  • Vehicles with 700 hp or greater (manufactured or modified)
  • Right-hand drive vehicles newer than 25 years, specifically those imported from Japan such as a Nissan Skyline or Toyota Supra or Landcruiser
  • Dune Buggies
  • Motor homes or recreational vehicles

Please Note: Hagerty differs from standard insurance in that we don't have a price for every type of risk. We determine eligibility based upon the accumulation of all risk characteristics related to our program guidelines.

Daily Use Vehicles

  • All household members with a valid driver’s licence must have a vehicle to drive on a daily basis
  • It is preferable that the daily use vehicle is reliable
  • Motorcycles and public transportation are not considered viable daily use vehicles by our program
  • Applicants must also maintain daily use insurance in their own names

* Storage and driver eligibility are subject to underwriter review and to all applicable provincial and underwriting restrictions.

Some coverage not available in all provinces. This is only a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to policy provisions, exclusions and endorsements.

Hagerty Canada, LLC policies are underwritten by Elite Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Aviva Canada Inc. Hagerty determines final risk acceptance.

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